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In this article we candidly respond to the question:  "Why do you travel so often to Abadiania?" What are the benefits?"

Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil
Since 2004 we have been traveling to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil every year, more recently three times a year.  People keep asking us, “Why do you go there so often? What are the benefits to go there repeatedly?
These are good questions with a longer answer than you might expect. In January of 2004, on our first trip to this small town of Abadiania in the center of Brazil, we simply joined our teacher Ron Roth, who felt called to go there, but we really had no clue what to expect, nor what would follow as a result of this first visit.

At the time we were rather skeptical about this unusual “healing center” in Brazil. We were curious and rather critical in checking it out. No specific personal healing/health issues motivated us to go.  We just trusted Ron who seemed well tuned in with his intuition and innately knew what was the best thing for him to explore next.

Ron Roth was a gifted healer, a motivational speaker, and a spiritual teacher with a following of several hundred people attending his week-long Intensives held in different parts of the United States.  He was fully aware that even a gifted healer and spiritual teacher is on a journey to continuously learn, needing infilling and inspiration from great masters.  In late 2003 the time had come for him to discover what he later called “meeting his brother Joao de Deus in Brazil,” who had committed himself to serve in south America while he, Ron, seemed to be called to serve in the United States. Both established a deep relationship from the start. Already on his first trip to the “Casa,” which he made with just a handful of his closest followers, Ron was invited by Joao de Deus to use the Casa as his place for healing and teaching whenever he wanted. 
In his Fall Intensive of 2003, Ron then reported about his experiences in Abadiania and announced that he was going back in January, and anybody who felt called was invited to join.  We signed up immediately and were among 100 repeat attendees of Ron’s intensives for whom this became the first trip, their first experience of the work of John of God. This large group actually caused quite a stir in the little village of Abadiania, and residents were expressing “the Americans” are coming. “

Sunset in Abadiania, Brazil Just four months later, Ron Roth went back to the Casa, this time with 140 Celebrating Life participants. Ron had prepared the event wisely and had chosen 12 “guides” of his community to assist in this travel and help the newcomers get the most out of their pilgrimage.  We volunteered to be part of the 12 and be of assistance as best as we knew how in this experience which was new for most of the people on this trip.  Our main motivation was to be of service, with no further personal agenda, putting to practice the knowledge of the workings at the Casa de Dom Inacio we had gathered during our previous experience there.

Almost an entire year later, seemingly entirely out of the blue, we both felt the calling to go back to Abadiania.  We did not hesitate one bit, and within a month we found ourselves on our third pilgrimage to the Casa, this time just the two of us. 

When we went through “second time line” to meet the Entity, as all visitors do during their stay at the Casa, Joao in entity asked us, “Do you want to be guides and bring people to the Casa?”  Without all the details of what this might entail, we answered “YES,” feeling strongly that this might be our next assignment in “being of service to the Highest,” as we had promised decades ago in our marriage vows.

And so we invited our friends and acquaintances who were open to a trip to Brazil to join us on our next visit there.  From then on, travel to Abadiania became an annual and soon a bi-annual event, and since 2010 we have scheduled three trips with small groups to the Casa every year.  By now, in aggregate, we have spent well over a year in Abadiania, and this little village has become nothing less than a second home to us. 

Reflecting back on the question, “Why do you go there so often?” the answer is, for us, more than just a feeling of commitment.  Of course, once we make a commitment we follow through and can be counted on by the Field of Unlimited Possibility.  To go to Abadiania and be in the uplifting energy field of the Casa de Dom Inacio brings us great joy and assists us in our personal growth, continuously deepens our relationship to the divine, and allows our creativity to be expressed in new ways.   The Entity affirmed us repeatedly as “Son and Daughter” of the Casa de Dom Inacio, and they have helped us in numerous fabulous, miraculous ways, in areas related to health, well-being, and mundane outer aspects of our lives, making us experience in our own lives that the Entities can and will help without limits.

The reasons for those who join us on our travels to Abadiania vary greatly and can be described as being curious to experience the Casa, having personal healing issues addressed, getting help with relationship challenges in daily life, concerns with life purpose and business related issues, or searching help for loved ones, friends, or clients who are unable to take the trip to this amazing place of healing and transformation by themselves at the time.  Independent of the motivation of travelers to the Casa, they all -- sooner or later --  tune into the special field and energy of this portal for healing and transformation. They experience not only physical healings but also rejuvenation, relaxation and having their batteries recharged; their lives are replenished with joy, hope, and strength. 
Most people, once they allow themselves to open up, feel deeply touched to be in a place where there is no limit to wishes and desires of all kinds to be expressed and answered.  For many it is humbling to learn that the divine wants to help everyone and has people’s best interest in mind and responds according to the readiness of each individual.  All people coming to the Casa experience some form of healing, even though not necessarily the specific physical healing for which they might have come. Timing, readiness, lessons learned on one’s journey through life are key components for what happens next.  Everyone benefits on one or more levels of being.  We have experienced people getting out of wheelchairs and learning anew to walk, having severe backaches healed, their eyesight improved, tumors removed, scars healed, having had ailing organs healed, old scar tissue disappeared.  This occurred mostly in “spiritual interventions,” without being visibly cut or operated on.  There is no limit of issues that get dealt with and healed if the time is right for the individual at the Casa. The life partner of one of our group participants stated several months after he had returned from Abadiania, "... he came back a different person!"
During our most recent visit to Abadiania, Joao de Deus in entity came out on stage of the big hall and personally invited people to follow the invitation to “spiritual healing.” He said, “It is a special GRACE given to anyone who asks and who is ready to receive and respond to these unique opportunities.” Hundreds of people followed the invitation and committed to follow the prescribed easy post-intervention protocol that is asked of participants.

There are numerous publications on John of God’s work by various Casa guides and travelers to Abadiania.  In our own book expanding perception we have shared numerous healing stories of our group members (the book is available at Amacon.com).  However, the best way is to experience it yourself, to treat yourself to a unique Well-Being experience in the healing atmosphere of the Casa de Dom Inacio in the village of Abadiania/Brazil.

For upcoming trips see our website www.healingguidance.net.  We will gladly assist you in the process and help you to get the most out of your participation in this life changing experience. 

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