Expanding Perception
Re-discovering the Grand Original Design

by Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D. with Gundi Heinemann

ISBN-10: 1492910805
ISBN-13: 978-1492910800
2nd edition - November 2013 - 294 pages - 80,000 words
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This book gives an easy to read, grounded and visionary presentation of a scientist’s view of the spiritual reality.  The reader will sense anew the awe and wonder of life. The book is intended to inspire and empower to a fulfilled life within the “Grand Original Design.”

Experimental physicist Dr. Klaus Heinemann hypothesizes from principles of quantum physics and describes the spiritual reality as duality counterpart to the physical reality.  Both realities are seen as parts of an all-encompassing Oneness – the divine reality, the
Grand Original D

The conclusions from this extrapolation of a fundamental law of physics are profound and agree with many facets of spiritual world views, which heretofore were perceived as stumbling blocks for realists trying to bridge between science and spirituality. 
Topics like the evolution of conscious consciousness, the permanence of souls, reincarnation, synchronicity, premonitions, the law of attraction, and prayer receive credulity in view of this concept of the Grand Original Design. 

Together with his wife Gundi Heinemann, an educator and healing arts practitioner, valuable practical conclusions to spirit-directed healing are discussed.  It is not an unrealistic, esoteric construct of wishful thinking, it is not something that happens every so often as anecdotal occurrence, but spirit-directed healing is a key principle built into the Grand Original Design. "Expanding Perception" reminds the reader of the innate healing ability, which everyone is gifted with. The authors present numerous healing stories experienced during their activities as Guides to the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil.

Also, well known as orbs researchers, the authors present new, plausible explanations for the orb phenomenon in this book. Together with Dr. Miceal Ledwith, Dr. Heinemann previously co-authored “The Orb Project” (2007, Beyond Words – Atria – Simon & Schuster); and Klaus and Gundi Heinemann jointly authored “Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope” (2010, Hay House). Both of these prior books are available in numerous foreign languages.  Specifically, the authors spent numerous hours with the translator of the Japanese version of 
“Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope” to assure that the important linguistic nuances were properly transposed, and they co-edited/translated the German version of the Hay House "Orbs" book.  Most recently (2016), "Orbes, leur mission et leurs messages d'espoir" was published in Canada, France, Switzerland, and Belgium.

"Expanding Perception, Re-discovering
the Grand Original Design" is designed to expand the reader’s perception of the fascinating Reality we are all part of.  The reader-friendly presentation of the rich material includes a detailed table of contents, fitting quotes, and highlighted phrases marking key points. The book lends itself to browsing and starting anywhere with those chapters that attract the reader’s attention. The authors make use of easy to find footnotes containing supplementary information.

An extensive Appendix gives further detailed background information and includes a Question/Answer section in which the authors present the important elements of the main text in very different, colloquial, easy to understand language. A reader might well opt to start the perusal of this book with this Q&A section and then skip to selected chapters.

Klaus Heinemann holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the University of Tübingen, Germany. He worked in surface physics research at NASA, as Professor of Research at Stanford University, and founded and ran a scientific research corporation for several decades. Dr. Heinemann is also co-founded a solar engineering firm and holds design patents for solar collectors and ozonators used for water purification. Both authors have taught numerous human growth seminars and lectured internationally. They were featured guests at over 40 radio and TV programs.

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